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  • Swedish
  • student
  • 24yrs
  • 186cm
  • 73-75kg
  • Right Now
    Right now (last week of August, 2001) school is starting once again. As first course I have "Internet Programming 1" which in practice means I have to write little Java programs during the next four weeks. Programs that interact through the Internet, simple web browsers and similar. All that's left before I get started is remembering what the hell Java was.

    Science Fictional Viewpoint
    Since time began, or at least since I saw Star Wars at the age of 5, I've been a Science Fiction fan. Something really Science Fictionish is Internet time. A time that is the same wherever you are in the world. It's something we'll need when we are no longer confined to this planet.

    Yada Yada Poems
    Poems are the worst, I hate poems. I'm not a poem person. But... sometimes I like poems. Just one or two once in a while. Here are two if you feel like reading them.

    mushrooms  |  If

    WebCam Susuki-no district, downtown Sapporo Europe Interrail Tour
    For all of you that would like to read a bit about my interrail trip around Europe (well 10 of its countries at least). Here's where you go: interrail2001.html

    And yes, the pic is still a webcam in Sapporo, where I was two years ago. Some day I will update this homepage thuroughly. But not today.